Movies and TV, that is where many people get the idea of what it is like for our loved ones on the "other side" or in the next realm.  I cannot begin to tell you how many people assume their loved ones will come through and tell them they love them or they miss them. Thanks to movies like Ghost, RIPD and a zillion others, I get to undo the expectation of what they can expect with they do make contact.  

I have talked to thousands of spirits over the years and they all have the same explanation of what they are feeling there. Light, warm and euphoria.  There is no sadness or regret, they don't miss you or feel the need to be upset that their husband of 45 years is now dating someone else.  They don't care about any of that period.  The common question is why are they around you then?  That is an easy one, they are still connected to you and would not want to see harm or sadness come to you.  They don't visit for them they visit for you.  

I have many people come to me that have guilt they didn't get to the hospital on time to say goodbye, that is not an issue that the person that has past has it is you and the guilt that you must overcome. Guilt and anger is not an emotion that is carried over when we pass.  

There will be a series of informative blogs on various topics pertaining to spirits, afterlife and how you can cope with a loved one that has committed suicide.  I will also give you information on what is going on in the universe and tips and pointers to deal with the cosmic changes.  Follow my blog so you can get information that will help you cope with tragedy of loved ones.